Virtual Reality (VR) gives us the possibility of being present in a virtual world, which either copies a real scenario or completely separates us from the real world. Many industrial companies use VR for different kinds of learning and training. This means that your employees can train the execution of tasks on a plant you are currently building – before it is even built.

With VR you can optimize the effect of your company´s safety training by e.g. letting your employees complete training repeatedly without extra costs. This is especially valuable in industrial companies and in the construction industry. Employees can train exactly where and when it suits their schedule, and you can make certain that all employees have completed the exact same training. Furthermore, VR makes it possible to train otherwise impossible scenarios e.g. fires in a factory or office building.

VR is also used for visualization in sales- and design processes, as it gives us access to otherwise inaccessible building environments, which does not yet exist. Customers are now able to walk around and “feel” the building and make changes before it gets expensive in the end of the building process.


With augmented Reality (AR) we can see data placed in the real world through a camera on either a smartphone or a tablet.

In industry companies AR is a tool, which is used to visualize how their physical surroundings will look after an addition of equipment to an industrial plant. In this way, the company can adjust their purchase of equipment for the practical reality.

Production companies can with relatively low costs build manuals for their products in AR, so that the customer easily can perform troubleshooting on their products and systems.

Companies often use AR as a sales- and marketing tool, as they can showcase 3D-models to their customers and allow them to watch their product in their own surroundings. This strengthens the sales process as it gives the customer a better understanding of the products dimensions and placement in the intended context.

Problems to solve

Time-consuming trainings for field operators

Tasks dangerous for operators if done improperly

Procedures written on paper


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